How MECBot Powers One of The World's Largest Network of EV Charging Stations with a Smart 360º Dashboard

As the world plummets towards green initiatives and energy-sufficiency, Electric Vehicles (EV) are all set to take the transportation segment by storm, especially in the developed countries. The emerging markets are not lagging too far either. 54% of all new car sales are projected to be electric by 2040¹. Across the U.S., the EU and China, this translates to an EV charging demand of 280 billion kWh by 2030².

Against this backdrop, a leading electric vehicle infrastructure company based in California recently joined hands with FORMCEPT to augment the performance of their Finance and Marketing teams with a 360º view of Charge Stations across different regions with granular, real-time insights on:

  • Usage of Charging Sessions
  • Energy Consumption
  • Transactions
  • Driver Demography, and 
  • Station Utilization 

The company operates an open electric vehicle charging network and also manufactures the technology deployed in it. It is the world's largest network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and is spearheading the green revolution in transportation across the globe. Let us explore how FORMCEPT helped solve the most critical challenges faced by this company through its #1 Augmented Data Management product MECBot that delivers actionable intelligence in real-time to 21st-century enterprises. 

About MECBot

Our flagship product MECBot is the #1 Augmented Data Management Platform for Real-Time Analytics at Scale. MECBot puts your business first by adopting the Entity Domain Model approach, which operates without any dependency on the underlying databases or the structure of the data. It comes bundled with self-service, intuitive interface and takes care of all your data management and analytics requirements in a centralized manner, including scalable deployment.

Simply put, MECBot automates the entire data unification process envisaging all forms of data at scale, and delivers unprecedented business results. To accomplish this, MECBot first structures the unstructured data contextually using domain-specific business ontologies and marries it with structured transactional data in near real-time. This creates a comprehensive Smart Data Graph for an enterprise (Smart Enterprise Graph).

This Smart Enterprise Graph is accessible through “Free Form Vertical Search”, APIs, SparkSQL and Graph QL. MECBot’s unique value propositions include:

  • Simplicity: Sets up the application with just a few clicks. Gives results from day 1.
  • Speed: Matches the pace of decision-making with the speed of the original data generation.
  • Scale: Performs elastic scaling based on business needs with dynamic clustering.
  • Security: Offers banking grade security and role-specific access to the platform.

MECBot saves more than 80% of pre-processing time & cost and delivers highly actionable insights to boost your ROI manifold. It is the only platform that puts your business first, not data. Its unique, built-in capabilities drastically reduce the burden on IT infrastructure and empower your decisions with powerful business intelligence in real-time through augmented data management.


IntelliCharge, FORMCEPT’s cutting-edge EVSE-Analytics product, is built on top of MECBot and is a smart, one-stop, go-to destination for EVSE players to maximize their RoI through intelligent segmentation, accurate targeting, cross-selling and personalized promotional campaigns. IntelliCharge deploys a 3-layered approach to drive the Next-Gen Electric Vehicle Charging by combining Innovation in AI, ML and IoT.

First, through smart interaction between Electric Vehicle & Charging Station, data from EV cars are sent to EVSE through Wireless, Bluetooth, etc. Our Edge Application sends the data to the cloud using the OCPP 1.6/2.0 protocol or any other protocol, as specified by the client. Then, another layer of smart interaction takes place between Charging Station & CMS. CMS is nothing but Centralized Management System for EVSE that is available on the cloud and ensures real-time authentication of EV as well as generates an up-to-date User Identity Graph. This enables IntelliCharge to analyze and extract dynamic insights from real-time data. To enable this, data across all the EVSEs in the network is stored as a smart enterprise graph and insights are extracted in real-time, such as which EVSEs are heavily used and how much load is being taken from the grid, Time-Series analytics, ML/DL algorithms for instant Anomaly Detection, insights and alerts on Predictive Maintenance of EVSEs and third-party integration to push relevant, real-time alerts to all groups of stakeholders. These are displayed on a smart, interactive dashboard, 

The Machine Data is streamed in real-time along with a consolidated view of  Station Operators, Downtime Prediction, NBA-based on anomalies, integration of Payment Gateways - all of this at industry scale along with the option for dynamic scaling up and down for higher efficiency.

In the final leg, our innovative and user-friendly mobile application fosters end-user engagement in real-time, while refreshing the User Identity Graph based on user inputs and records generated by the mobile application. End-users can reserve EVSEs remotely, plan trips ahead, get real-time alerts on EVSE downtime, view alternative routes, estimate the potential time to charge, obtain an estimate of how much to charge, explore places to see while EV is getting charged, etc. Together, the system learns continuously and compositely from user behavior and forms a dynamic, semantically enriched graph - similar to ‘Google-Now’ like analytics in real-time. Using the location finder, users can also see the exact locations of all the charge points.

Using these inputs from IntelliCharge, the EVSE provider can monetize multiple cross-selling opportunities. For example, it can partner with nearby restaurants, car wash centres, coffee shops, car garages and shopping malls. Further, network data and cross-sell opportunity data can be mapped directly onto the company’s revenue analytics such as sales pipeline and forecasts. 

At present, MECBot powers the EVSE customer by providing real-time insights on 90,000+ charging stations with over 60.9 million charges already delivered (and counting). The energy consumed per charging point helps to predict when a particular charging point is going to go down. It also points to potential anomalies if a charging point is consuming more energy than estimated. 

A few examples of real-time intelligence include:

  • Insights on which port is being used heavily
  • Load balancing (if 1 port heavily used, next time during charging it gets transferred to port 2 without any customer intervention)
  • Instant alert if charging point is being used for any purpose other than car charging

By extracting useful metrics on the energy consumed in each city and each company(campus), the EVSE company can control how much power should be taken from each grid. Along with these, IntelliCharge also gives Smart Suggestions such as the top 10 customers in each quarter, the latest charging trends (City, Customer, Model and Duration) and an easy Download Option through which one can directly download the results (all the graphs) in presentation format from the dashboard for easy and hassle-free sharing.

Free form search (NLP-based search) option is also available across the whole dashboard. One can further filter results based on various parameters like date, area, company, charge station model, utilities, and so on.

How MECBot Works

  • Provides advanced analytics modules that work out-of-the-box and allows you to build models like loyalty, churn and segmentation without dumping the file or moving the data around
  • Keeps your analytics outcomes up-to-date by keeping the underlying view hydrated with the incoming data
  • Allows you to create flattened data view for the chosen entities without writing any complex SQL joins
  • Reuses existing views as well to get you started on the same day instead of waiting for months to get it up-and-running
  • Deploys exploratory analysis and advanced analytics modules that are built on top of a smart enterprise graph that captures your business domain in the most comprehensive manner 

With MECBot, there is no dependency on data team in terms of their skill-set to deploy a solution or requirement to scale the data team as per demand. We serve your current and future analytics requirement without independent of the underlying technology, data sources or data team. Our built-in free form search makes coding redundant – you can extract self-service insights on-demand by posting query in simple English language to MECBot. The following image summarizes how MECBot fosters augmented data management for your enterprise:

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