Why MECBot

MECBot is the only data solution that truly understands your data needs while helping you to scale data resources to meet growing demands

Key Benefits

Here’s how businesses have benefited from MECBot’s ability to fuel just-in-time decisions at scale


Reduction in pre-processing time


Increase in Business ROI


Reduction in Data Analytics cost

How MECBot Works

MECBot structures the unstructured data contextually using domain specific business ontologies and marries it with structured transactional data in near real time

MECBot directly captures the data from pre-configured sources and maps it to the Business Domain-Entity Model specified by the user. It then cleans, pre-processes, and contextualizes all data to create a Smart Data Fabric or an Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Using the concept of Linked Data, MECBot can understand unstructured data across various domains (industries). It achieves this by combining MECBot’s built-in Universal Knowledge Base with Domain and Tribal Knowledge Bases to understand data from multiple facets.

MECBot culls out the relevant information to match the context of the user’s query and then visualizes the data using intuitive representations. It reveals hidden data connections automatically without depending on the user's query. It is not limited by the underlying datasets, schema, or algorithms.

Business users without a technical background can query the enterprise data and insight grid in the natural English language without having to do any coding. MECBot generates actionable insights for the query and creates a comprehensive recommendation engine for the next best steps.

MECBot enables Data Scientists, Citizen Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Domain Experts to run multiple ML models on their data and choose the best one that fits their data, without worrying about scalability, infrastructure, or the configuration of various tools.

MECBot Gets Up and Running in Just 15 days!

Say goodbye to technology & infrastructure hassles, get results from day 1!

  • Pre-processed and Cleaned Data
  • Play-around & visualize on your own
  • Seamlessly query your data in human language
  • Rest APIs automatically provided by MECBot
  • Your entire team can work simultaneously at scale
  • Smart data discovery & auto detection of patterns
  • Seamless Data Integration
  • Enhance data with Universal, Domain & Tribal Knowledge Bases
  • Powerful built-in models using AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & NLP

Industries We Serve

MECBot is an all-in-one data excellence platform that is compliant with ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 and is trusted by Fortune 1000 companies. Our clients belong to diverse sizes, industries, and geographies. Here is a list of our most prominent clients

Awards, Recognition and Media Coverage

Over the years, we have been endowed with multiple accolades as a testimony to our contribution to data science and business intelligence. Below are some of the awards and recognition that we have received

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