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Corporate and Individuals are flooded with data from all corners of the world. Most of these data are unstructured information that are in the form of productivity documents, email, web content and of course, social media content. According to the research [1], in 2011 and 2012 alone the data will grow by 1.8 Zettabytes (1.8 trillion Gigabytes). According to Cisco Systems’ (CSCO) Visual Networking Index, one Zettabyte is the equivalent to the data stored on 250 billion DVDs. According to the IDC report, since 2005, the annual investment by corporations to create, manage, store, and generate revenue from digital information has increased 50 percent to $4 trillion.

Corporate, who are willing to store the data, are focused on using products like Hadoop to store and manage the data. Storing is one part of the story, the next step is to analyze it and visualize the results to gain insights. Integration of all these Hadoop and the related platforms is a big challenge and it requires huge cost and effort. After spending lots of effort, do you think is it a magical wand which will remove the problem at a stroke and provide insight? Big No!

We need specialized people, called Data Scientists to identify patterns in the data for a particular domain, apply some mathematical models on the data and make sense out of it. Does that sound a simple task to do? More than simplicity, there is huge deficit on number of Data Scientists and corporate have to pay huge amount money to get a data scientist.

McKinsey report [2] says that by 2018 United States alone need about 140000 to 190000 people with deep analytical skills and about 1.5 million managers and analyst with know-how of big data to make effective decisions.

FORMCEPT is on mission to empower Data Scientists and Individuals to analyze data and take complete control of their data with FORMCEPT Big Data Analysis Platform. FORMCEPT's platform is-

  1. Intelligent – Based on Natural Language Processing and Mathematical Models
  2. Scalable – Horizontally and vertically
  3. Extensible – Easy to build custom applications called Intents
  4. Powerful – Provides Intuitive Data Exploration

FORMCEPT provides few Intents out-of-the-box for specific domains along with it's Big Data Analysis Stack.

[1] Report by market research firm IDC Digital Universe and sponsored by EMC, June 2011
[2] McKinsey - Data Science - http://datascience101.wordpress.com/tag/mckinsey/