Gen-next of resumes : From standard text to visual infographics

Earlier this week, veteran HR executive, Lee E. Miller in his column for, noted how visual resumes will dominate the next big wave in the recruitment industry. With recruiters starting to see more visual resumes, candidates are considering to traverse that path and catch the attention of recruiters by turning to infographics over textual resumes.

Recruiters, who have gladly received the idea of visual resumes, believe that the acceptance is going to increase across the recruitment industry as the innovation and creativity involved reduces the effort from recruiter’s end to quite an extent. Stunning visuals are often showcased to mesmerize the HR managers and stand out above the crowd.

 Resume Intent @FORMCEPT

“It is easier to absorb visual content as vision rate of humans is very high and over 90% of visual information that is captured gets stored in the brain.”

Images are easily captured by a human brain and are retained for longer periods of time. To deliver a lasting impression on HR managers – FORMCEPT offers infographics to illustrate candidates’ profiles as visual summary of skills, experience, achievements, education and interests. This is how a resume infographic looks like-


Over and above, FORMCEPT provides advanced analytics options for the recruiters to query and explore multiple resumes and also compare them alongside. For more details, please contact us.