Big Data Tech Conclave 2013 - Part-1

Leaders from around the world gathered at the “Big Data Tech Conclave 2013 Winter Edition” marking the success of the event held on the 6th and 7th December 2013 at Bangalore. FORMCEPT was associated with the global conclave as an endorsing partner.

The 2-day event hosted back-to-back inspiring session around the deluge called Big Data. It was well attended and eminent personalities from the industry shared their knowledge and experience with the audience.

In this blog, FORMCEPT would like to share the key takeaways from the event.

On the first day of the event there was one thing common across all the talks- "Data Infrastructure Issues". It is a broader term for the issues related to Data Capturing (Structured and/or Unstructured), Storage, Analysis, Delivery and Visualization.

Most of the talks forced us to think- Do enterprises need to worry about the "Data Infrastructure Issues? and that too all of them?" or do they just need to worry about solving their business problem? It made us think- when we buy a Fridge or AC do we ever ask about the compressor being attached or any of the electronic system being used? If not then why can't we ease the pain for the enterprises in the similar way for their Data Infrastructure issues?

If we talk about the current scenario of data infrastructure, it is evident that the traditional technologies are slowly being replaced by the upcoming technologies and the gap between human expertise and the technology is increasing at a rapid pace. This scenario is jeopardizing the data analysis, typically Big Data analysis adoption in most of the enterprises due to the lack of robust Data Infrastructure. On the other hand, if you ask the CXOs, they definitely want to adopt the same as they are aware of the competition that is taking advantage of emerging data analysis techniques.

FORMCEPT addresses this by MECBOT, a unified analytics platform, built on top of state of the art Open source like- Hadoop, HBase, Storm and Spark. Enterprises are now taking advantage of MECBOT that does all the heavy-lifting around data and makes it available on-demand as well as in real-time. Enterprises can focus on their business problem rather than worrying about the “Data Infrastructure Issues”. MECBOT also allows enterprises to develop Data Driven applications faster and scale it on demand using their existing skill set.

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