Proud to be a part of TiE50 Finalists

On 15th March 2013, FORMCEPT was selected among 6 promising big data startups from India and got an opportunity to discuss with Amr Awadallah, CTO, Cloudera at a public event. Today, we would like to announce that we have made it to the list of TiE50 Finalists.

TiE brand is now synonymous with entrepreneurship. It is well known for providing a platform for startups to showcase themselves to the world on their stage and continuously mentor and guide them during their initial days.

As a part of TiE50 finalists, we will be presenting the story behind FORMCEPT at TiEcon on 17th May, 2013 at Santa Clara Convention Center, at the heart of Silicon Valley, CA. TiEcon is TiE's flagship event held annually and this will be their 5th edition to be held over duration of two days i.e. 17-18 May, 2013.

TiEcon over the years has laid an ideal platform for some of the successful startups since its inception in 2009. It presents to the world the new dramatic and disruptive innovation driven companies with huge potential that are ready to influence the global business. The event thrives on competition, innovation, smart technology. But only 50 make it to the list of TiE50 winners, 10 companies in each of its 5 categories -  (1) Software (2) Internet (3) Mobile (4) Energy (5) Life Sciences

Some of the winners and finalists who have been a part of TiE50 includes-


And this year it will be FORMCEPT. See you guys at TiEcon!