Insight is a Continuum

Not an Occasion


Companies using big data have been successful in deriving data-driven insights


Enterprises believe that they have embedded data and analytics into all of their processes & decision making

Traditional Analytics vs. MECBot

MECBot's Augmented Data Fabric Expedites Data-to-Dollar Conversion and Reduces Time-to-Market

Create Domain Model

Traditional Data Team's Data-First Approach

MECBot's Business-First Approach

Request For Data

Traditional Data Team's Data-First Approach

MECBot's Business-First Approach

Deliver Insights And Outcomes

Traditional Data Team's Data-First Approach

MECBot's Business-First Approach

Total duration to deliver insights for a usecase

  • The above 3 steps need to be iterated from the scratch every time a new model is required

Total duration to complete a project

  • Once MECBot has prepared your data as per your business domain, you can kickstart your analytics straightaway. MECBot can reuse existing views as well to get you started on the same day instead of waiting for months to get it up and running.

MECBot Metaspace

MECBot uses a unique concept known as ‘Metaspace’ to solve the data management puzzle. MECBot’s Metaspace acts as the brain of your entire enterprise where all data and meta-data are stored in a meaningful and interconnected manner. Whether it is the Enterprise Knowledge Graph, the Domain Data Models, or the meta-information about datasets–Metaspace encompasses it all. This way, it keeps your data assets unified, contextual, secure, and updated, thereby helping you to make informed, just-in-time decisions at scale.

Domain Ontology

MECBot’s Domain Ontology provides a centralized and standardized way of sourcing and organizing data with respect to the domain of the business, making it easy to navigate complex datasets. By setting up domain rules, establishing context and relationships, and creating a common vocabulary for all data users, it allows data scientists and application builders to work from a single source of truth that is secure and remains hydrated in real-time.

Inside MECBot

What makes MECBot the best in the game? Here’s the blueprint of our architecture for business-ready insights on enterprise & cloud environments.

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We Are an Innovation-Driven Organization in Embedded Analytics

Here are Our Top Patents in Data Science

Data Folding Technique

A system & method for pre-processing, storing & retrieving data based on its type at the time of storage

Advanced Summarization on Plurality of Sentiments

A method for summarizing content around sentiments of an entity

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