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What is Augmented Analytics in Bangalore?

Simply put, Augmented Analytics envisages the use of cutting-edge AI to automate data preparation, exploration, analysis, and visualization in Business Intelligence(BI) platforms. To put this into context, let’s take a look at the two key data realities faced by today’s organizations:

  • Firstly, there’s a huge surge in data volume, with 80% of the data being unstructured. This is coupled with an unprecedented rise in data complexity and data noise.
  • Secondly, accurate business decisions now need to be taken in days or minutes, not weeks or months. A majority of data science projects are lagging behind in this regard.

According to Gartner, “Augmented analytics automates finding and surfacing the most important insights or changes in the business, to optimize decision making. It does this in a fraction of the time compared to manual approaches.”

What makes FORMCEPT the #1 Augmented Analytics Product Company in Bangalore?

Powered by innovations in AI, MECBot by FORMCEPT is a leading data excellence platform that solves the key enterprise data challenges in an end-to-end manner and enables insight-driven decision-making without relying on the underlying databases or the structure of the data. It is the go-to data analytics platform for several leading Fortune 1000 clients across the globe in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Sports, Healthcare, and more.

MECBot puts the business first by adopting the Entity Domain Model approach. It comes bundled with a self-service, intuitive interface and takes care of the key data management and analytics requirements in a trusted and centralized manner, including scalable deployment.

MECBot’s ability to transform large volumes of complex, diverse, and disparate data from an unlimited number of external and internal sources into cleaned, unified, flattened, and trusted datasets puts it in a unique position to bring the magic of augmented analytics in Bangalore to the fingertips of business users.

To make this happen a wide range of advanced data science technologies come to the rescue like Artificial Intelligence(AI) including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, data discovery tools, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Knowledge Graphs, Data Ops, and more. While the market is awash with technologies that cater to one or more parts of the larger context, a single augmented analytics solution that combines all these technologies and orchestrates them effortlessly by putting the business first (and not data) is rare.

But with MECBot, FORMCEPT makes it all possible, effortless, scalable, and incredibly cost-effective.

Key Features of Augmented Analytics with FORMCEPT

  • Automates data pipelines and workflows that can be auto-configured and re-used without any coding by the users.
  • Comes loaded with self-service AI models that automatically reveal accurate answers to all decision-making queries made by the user.
  • Delivers observable and explainable AI that uncovers hidden relationships in the data and generates actionable insights in seconds.
  • Create a flattened data view for entities without any complex SQL joins.
  • Auto-detect patterns and generate insights on demand through datafolding and free flow search.
  • Turns the data analytics experience into a conversational mode using Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Free Form Search where users can simply ‘ask questions’ and ‘get answers’ in natural English language.
  • Automatically manages all your data without little or no coding required by the users and delivers real-time analytics and intelligence in a scalable manner.

How Does Augmented Analytics Work in FORMCEPT’s MECBot?

Data teams typically spend about 80% of their time on the collection and preparation of data, and just the remaining 20% on generating insights that fuel your decisions. FORMCEPT’s augmented analytics capabilities effectively reverse this ratio - something that most other business intelligence applications cannot claim to do. This means that with FORMCEPT’s augmented data analytics solution, your data team gets to spend more time coming up with data-driven recommendations for mission-critical decision-making instead of powering through data preparation challenges.

Whether it is mapping data sources, auto-configuring data pipelines, making data pipelines repeatable and datasets reusable, or enabling data cleansing, wrangling, and transforming at scale - we have your back. Our augmented data analytics software simplifies your and your data team’s life, thereby helping you to catch up with the pace of the industry by saving you time and valuable resources.

What Are The Benefits of Augmented Analytics Using MECBot by FORMCEPT?

Unlike other business intelligence applications, MECBot takes a conversational approach to insight delivery where decision-makers ask questions to MECBot in natural language and it answers. FORMCEPT believes in building augmented analytics tools like MECBot that data should not require complex algorithms to be written every time for the user to find answers to his questions. Hence, a combination of linked data concepts, NLP, and Artificial Intelligence(AI) has made it possible for you to query their data in a self-service manner and run ad hoc queries that address their decision-making needs on the fly.

Further, Artificial Intelligence techniques like Machine Learning and Deep Learning are of no use if data modeling using these algorithms is not distilled into decisions or decision-enablers. Too often, billions of dollars are pumped into AI without a clear understanding of the end-goal - i.e. smarter and faster decision-making that yields better results for the business.

MECBot’s embedded BI approach to augmented data analytics eliminates this problem by creating Machine Learning modules like customer 360o, customer segmentation, loyalty analytics, customer churn, and MROI that function out-of-the-box and can be customized and implemented in minutes with little or no coding by the user. In leading augmented analytics tools like MECBot, these are made to be decision-focused by design, i.e. instead of just showing numbers or charts, MECBot can actually “tell” you what you need to do to achieve your goal.

How Does MECBot by FORMCEPT Overcome the Challenges of Using Augmented Analytics in Bangalore?

Despite a sea of augmented analytics platforms floating around in the business intelligence and analytics domain, MECBot is your best bet for anything and everything to do with augmented analytics for businesses. Apart from the above advantages like automated augmented data management, embedded BI, and self-service BI solution, MECBot is unparalleled when it comes to ensuring data quality through trusted data and data governance.

MECBot is equipped with data governance and security features like data lineage, versioning, role-based access, version-based roll-outs, data cataloging, and more. Further, MECBot’s smart data storage using knowledge graphs reduces complexities in data access, storage, and retrieval. This is an area where even the best augmented analytics tools fail to deliver. However, data quality and integrity have been the cornerstone of FORMCEPT’s philosophy since day one.

Example of Augmented Analytics Using MECBot in Banking Industry

Here’s an example of Augmented Analytics with MECBot by FORMCEPT to help bankers deliver highly personalized, value-added experiences to customers at scale.

FORMCEPT Drastically Reduces the ‘Data to Insight’ and ‘Insight to Action’ Cycles for Reduced Time-to-Market

Despite sitting on top of a massive pool of data, bankers are struggling to make timely decisions that positively impact business top-line and bottom-line. With MECBot’s sharply reduced data lifecycle, bankers can develop new products based on market trends and customer preferences within a very short period, thereby getting a distinctive time advantage in the stiffly competitive banking environment. Using MECBot’s smart recommendation engine, bankers can identify the best-fit next-to-buy products across customer segments and design optimum cross-sell & up-sell campaigns.

FORMCEPT Makes Insights Contextual and Explainable to Improve Decision-Making Success

MECBot cleans, transforms, and joins together structured data, unstructured data, and poly-structured data from Financial Databases, Customer Demographics Databases, Banking, and Financial Literature, Research Reports, Banking Data Warehouses, etc. in real-time and at scale. Tools like Smart Data Discovery that auto-detect hidden patterns in data to address the various underlying nuances in decision making are necessary to keep pace with the ever-changing dynamics in banking customers.

FORMCEPT Reduces Compliance and Other Risks Through MECBot’s Inherent Data Governance Features

Banking regulations are uniquely challenging for marketers since the ways in which the personal data of target customers can be obtained and used are extremely limited. MECBot helps to implement a data governance strategy and reduce non-compliance risk without compromising on marketing effectiveness. They can also safeguard product lines against credit risk, manage and streamline eKYC, combat fraud & money-laundering, and also predict and prevent exposure to foreseeable market risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

Making Augmented Analytics capabilities reach the last mile of business decision-making has the potential to be game-changing for any organization.

It is now more critical than ever that leaders and managers, who are driving business outcomes at different levels, gain access to the power of Augmented Analytics. This will enable them to predict their next-best move using accurate, granular-level, and near real-time insights, without having to run to a data science expert every time.

MECBot comes with inherent superpowers to keep you on top of your organization’s Marketing ROI. MECBot is not a band-aid fix for your Marketing data problems and insight gaps. Instead, it is an overarching data solution that helps you to build an ROI-focused marketing ecosystem that sets you up for success with market-winning decisions using accurate and actionable insights.

MECBot helps marketers to:

  • Make mission-critical optimizations to their marketing mix on the go by analyzing CPM (cost per mile), CPA (cost per action), and ROI in real-time.
  • Obtain omnichannel marketing analytics combined with a single, unified view of all customer data.
  • Future-proof campaign tactics by staying on top of industry trends and consumer preferences and personalize campaigns by extracting actionable insights via Customer 360o and loyalty analytics.
  • Easily switch between granular and singular views by revealing MROI across geographical, campaign, and media levels.
  • Integrate Marketing outcomes with company-wide data like sales, profitability, cost-to-serve, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and more.

Unlike other Augmented Analytics products, with FORMCEPT’s MECBot, a business model can be directly created by CXOs, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, or all of them collaboratively. MECBot directly pulls the data from the configured sources and maps it to the specified Business Domain-Entity Model.

Furthermore, MECBot can understand various domains and semantics across industries by enhancing the existing Universal Knowledge Base with Domain and Tribal Knowledge. In MECBot’s smart data grid or Knowledge Graph, data takes the back-seat, while relationships between the data are first-class citizens. MECBot converts all ingested data instantly into graph format without any coding by the user.

Lastly, MECBot allows you to create a flattened data view for the chosen entities without writing any complex SQL joins. Unlike other platforms where data needs to be teleported to various external tools for advanced analytics and modeling, MECBot’s AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning modules work out-of-the-box and allow you to build models like loyalty analytics, churn rate optimization, and segmentation within the platform without having to dump the file or moving the data around.

Despite hundreds of BI solutions flooding the market, a key pain point of business users remains unaddressed - the inability of decision-makers to query the data in free form and in a conversational manner. This is exactly what FORMCEPT does for all businesses irrespective of their sizes, industries, or geographic locations. FORMCEPT achieves this through its award-winning product - MECBot.

FORMCEPT’s unique value propositions include:

  • Simplicity: Sets up the application with just a few clicks. Gives results from day 1.
  • Speed: Matches the pace of decision-making with the speed of the original data generation, saves ~80% of data pre-processing time.
  • Scale: Performs elastic scaling based on business needs with dynamic clustering, leading to ~60% cost savings.
  • Security: Offers banking-grade security and role-specific access to the platform.
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