FORMCEPT is a Unified Data Analysis platform that helps Enterprises to get actionable insights from their data faster, thereby, significantly reducing the time taken to convert data into decisions. It not only provides a unified interface for storing and querying datasets but also provides batch processing, stream processing and interactive analysis out of the box. It is built on top of NoSQL technologies, like- HDFS, HBase for storage, systems like Map-Reduce, Spark, Shark and Storm for data processing and utilizes the power of graph database, key-value store and index store to provide a seamless experience for the end users. 

FORMCEPT is an effort to make content analysis accessible to everyone, be it an enterprise, an individual or a device. We are working on some interesting state of the art products that will be available both as Software as a Service Model (SaaS) and as installable products. If you would like to know more about FORMCEPT and how it can be useful for you, please visit us at- www.formcept.com

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